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The End
“Wh-wh-WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?” Lapin screamed in disbelief at the paper she held in her paw.
“What is it? What’s wrong?” asked Wheatley, bursting through the door of the house they shared. “Is someone you’re close to in danger? Has someone been murdered? Did Alomomola Bay explode?”
Lapin, still staring in shock at the paper, said in a clearly upset voice “It’s worse. All three guilds are being closed down!”
“Now it was Wheatley’s turn to stare in shock. “WHAT?! WHY? WE HAVEN’T EVEN DONE A FULL MISSION YET!” on the verge of tears, he collapsed to the floor, and whimpered “H-how am I ever gonna be worth anything if there’s no rescue teams?”
“Aw, c’mon Wheatley,” said Lapin, “I’m sure we can find another place to be in a rescue team!”
“B-but I thought this was the only place in Tao!” sniffled Wheatley.
“It is.” sai
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Bunny Adopts 1 by SkyraTwilight812 Bunny Adopts 1 :iconskyratwilight812:SkyraTwilight812 2 11 Kirby Adopts 2 *CLOSED* by SkyraTwilight812
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Kirby Adopts 2 *CLOSED* :iconskyratwilight812:SkyraTwilight812 4 19
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August Tasks 2
Lapin looked back at the note she was still holding on to.
“How about we decorate the embassies’ room?” she asked, “It says we can’t join either path unless we do that, and I’ve been thinking about joining the Path of Rain.”
“I was thinking we could join the Path of Shine,” said Wheatley, “I mean, the Helioptile IS pretty friendly.”
Lapin stared at him like he had grown an extra head. “You’re a WATER TYPE. And you want to join a religion that worships something that’s all about HEAT, LIGHT, and DRY LAND. Are you serious?”
“Yup. At least, I think I am.”
Lapin sighed. “Fine. You can join the Path of Shine if you want, it’s not my business. Let’s just decorate the stupid room.”
A few minutes later, they were preparing to decorate the room. It was kind of small, with a bed on either side. There was a single window giving a spec
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August Tasks 1
Lapin carefully read the note she and Wheatley had received in the mail. It had sat in the mailbox for quite some time now, on account of Wheatley forgetting that it was his job to check the mail. Every day. For two months.
“There aren’t many exciting jobs here,” she said, disappointedly.  “Y’know it’s your fault we missed last month’s tasks. And some of those looked fun.”
“You don’t have to keep rubbing it in my face!” complained Wheatley. “Anyways, how about we choose a nice, PEACEFUL task this month. We ARE just beginners. How about that one?”
Wheatley pointed to a part asking for some of the rescuers to tell stories about what motivates them to children.
“That would be a nice one, wouldn’t it?”
“A BORING one!” grumbled Lapin, “And besides, how are we even sure of what motivates us when we haven’t even done one little task?!”
“…You have a po
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Jewel-Encrusted Hummingbird by SkyraTwilight812 Jewel-Encrusted Hummingbird :iconskyratwilight812:SkyraTwilight812 1 0


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I got the game for my B-day. Here's a summary of my experience so far; GLaDOS talks too much, turrets are only cute from behind, the tests are TOO DARN HARD, and Wheatley is an awesome little bugger who did not deserve to be stranded in space for all eternity.


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Not really anything I want to put here at this time, so here's some random smileys.

:D :) :( :$ :0)


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